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Whale Watching Season

It’s that time of year again…the cable knits are surfacing after hibernating in mothballs over summer, the smell of slow cooking casseroles permeates the air and our annual sub-Antarctic visitors are arriving on our southern coastal doorstep in droves. Time to grab that thermos, dust off those binoculars and head on down to the Southern […]

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Goolwa Historic Ghost Walk

Who doesn’t enjoy being scared silly occasionally all in the name of fun? Millions of us do…Strange but true! From horror films to roller coasters to anything paranormal, many humans enjoy the spine tingling thrill that accompanies being (safely) spooked! Goolwa is a town rich in history and is quite theparanormal hotspot, with buildings including […]

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Mysterious Rock Sculptures Found on Top of the Bluff at Encounter Bay

Yesterday, I was doing my regular morning “mountain climb”.  Yep – every weekday, i kick off my day by climbing a mountain.  From that point on, the day just has to be easier!  The mountain in question;  The Bluff at Encounter Bay.  “That’s no mountain!” I hear some of you scream.  That may technically be true, […]

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