5 Holiday Home Myths EXPOSED!

Holiday Home Myths

Holiday Home Myths


Holiday homes come in all different shapes and sizes and you can find them just about anywhere these days; all decked out for an assortment of guests and different holiday experiences.The variety canbe overwhelming, not to mention the preconceptions many people have which cause hesitation when thinking of renting a holiday home. The fact is that renting a holiday home is super easy and stress free! Still not convinced?

Here, we’ve debunked 10 of the most common myths about holiday rentals:


Myth #1: Holiday home rentals are too expensive for the every-day holidaying family, and are only available to high flyers.

Reality: Holiday rentals can be a very affordable option for those looking to maximize their cash (which is most of us!). Holiday homes range from super affordable to excessively lavish, which means there is a perfect option for everyone. For example, Pet Lets rates range from just $99 to $650 per night*. Awesome, right?To compete with larger hotel chains, most holiday homes offer lower rates, more amenities and no surprise hidden costs at checkout. There are also huge savings to be made if a group or extended families’are staying together. So, think twice before disregarding the holiday home option based on price.



Myth #2: That luxury beachfront villa will turn out to be a rundown shack with views of the road heading to the beach!

Reality: Holiday home rental owners and managers take great care to accurately showcasing their properties, and if the rental isn’t measuring up to be quite as picture-perfect as the photos indicate (SNAD – significantly not as described), it will be evident in the reviews for the property. Depending on which study you read (and all the stats are very similar), almost twice as many people share their bad accommodation experiences compared with their good experiences and in this ‘social media’ age, one bad experience can spread like wildfire! Of course, an overwhelming majority of holiday makers have positive experiences.
Our Pet Let holiday homes have loads of frequent flyers (guests who return to stay again and again). We post multiple, clear images of our homes on the website along with all the necessary details of amenities, fees etc. so you will always have comprehensive information of the place you will be staying and there are no unpleasant surprises.


Holiday Home Myths

What you see, is what you get at Pet Let


Myth #3: Locking down a Holiday Home rental requires 10 different email exchanges, 5 phone calls and is just too difficult.

Reality: With the emergence of secure, online booking platforms like ours, finding and booking your holiday home has become super easy!Simply pick your destination, compare properties that pique your interest then inquire about, or book the holiday home you love. You can even pay directly and securely through the site using a credit/debit card, so that your holiday home is protected and you don’t have to worry about any ‘SNAD’ myths coming true!Pet Let also has an online booking concierge for those who may have a property or location already in mind, specific dates or if guests have special requirements, just a couple of clicks plus your request (if required) and you’re done! Finding and booking a holiday rental is so simple now, you’ll finally have a reason to organised that well-earned family holiday.


Holiday Home Myths

A snap shot of our ridiculously simple online booking system


Myth #4: You need to pack your toolbox for if something goes wrong while staying at a holiday home because you doubt anyone will be available to help.

Reality: Most owners/managers take preemptive measures to make sure that their properties are in tip-top shape for renters because, let’s face it, nothing ruins a guest’s or owner’s weekend like an emergency maintenance issue. Whether you’re renting from an individual owner or a property management company, you’ll likely have access to assistance around the clock just as we do at Pet Let. It could be an on-site property manager or as Pet Let has, a direct line to one of the Pet Let team 7 days a week, but either way you’ll be covered if you need help.


Holiday Home Myths

By keeping on top of potential maintenance issues, we ensure all our guests have a stress-free stay. ‘Bruce’ chilling at 71 Seaview rd., Victor Harbor SA Photo: Joele Moody


Myth #5: Holiday Home rentals are only available for 7 nights or more.

Reality: Perhaps once upon a time that was the case, but the holiday home rental marketplace has expanded enormously over recent years which means there’sa lot more competition, so most owners are now much more flexible. Accepting one, two and three night stays is also a great way for owners/managers to fill last minute openings and availability during the off season. It never hurts to ask if you’re unsure. Rules were made to be broken!


Holiday Home Myths

21 Rosetta Street, Port Elliot SA. The perfect home for a weekend getaway.


So, if you are new to the whole ditch-the-hotel trend, we hope that this myth busting list helps you to book your next holiday in a beautiful, self-contained stress free holiday home.
If you would like to browse through our many gorgeous pet friendly homes, visit our website here.

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