6 Great reasons to take your pets on holidays with you!

Pet friendly holiday accommodation

Pet friendly holiday accommodation

Family holidays have changed dramatically since I was a little tacka! These days more and more families are deciding to ditch the caravan and tent and are opting for self-contained luxury holiday homes. The only downfall is that most holiday homes don’t cater to the furry family members… WE DO!

Most pet owners feel that their pet, whether a dog, cat, bird or even horse is a fully fledged member of the family and and you can bet your pet feels that way.  Being with their human family is when they feel most secure and in turn, the happiest. This is why it can be distressing and stressful if they are left alone or put into kennels (or a cattery) when their humans go away.

It wasn’t too long ago, there was little choice but to put our beloved fur kids into a kennel or cattery or arrange for the neighbours to come over and feed them.  While these are still options, cat and dog boarding can be very costly and leaving your pet alone can be quite traumatic for them, and also worrying for their owners.

We know how important the furry (or feathered) family members are to everyone in the family, which is why we always encourage people to bring them along. They also create a really fun dynamic to the holiday! It only takes a little extra planning and the entire family can enjoy some time away together. Here are some good reasons to take your pets on holidays with you.


If you’re thinking of taking your dog away with you, you’re more likely to explore different places, paths, tracks and areas which you probably wouldn’t normally get to see, and perhaps meet people you normally wouldn’t meet. Why not let your dog take YOU for a walk around the holiday area? Rather than leading them around, let them choose the pace and give them the freedom to choose which new paths you both walk, which direction to go, when to stop, when to run and let THEM tell YOU when they have had enough? By walking your dog around your holiday destination, you are guaranteed to discover so much more!

Pet friendly holiday accommodation


If you normally use a kennel or cattery, you will be saving a truck load of money and can use the money saved to add to your holiday experiences. For those who normally leave the fur kids at home or rely on family to take care of them, you will have great peace of mind, knowing that your little fur baby isn’t alone, fretting or missing you at all. That they are being well cared for and loved, because they are sitting right at your feet with a big smile on their face and sand in their fur! And you won’t be imposing on family and friends, unnecessarily.


Let’s face it, creating new and happy memories is what it is all about and once again, creating those memories with the ENTIRE family is what makes those memories so special. Capture those super special moments – your dogs running on the sand or crashing through the waves – and you will have them for ever. Share them on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We love seeing humans and their pets rocking their holiday!

Pet friendly holiday accommodation


There is no doubt about it, pets enrich our lives! Do we enrich theirs? Dogs and cats are intelligent beings and dogs especially need more than walks, food and water. They need love, stimulation and enrichment, just like the rest of us. Sometimes in our crazy busy lives we don’t get time to spend loving our fur kids. Taking your pet (dog) on holidays with you gives them the opportunity to explore new surroundings and sniff new things, it stimulates and invigorates them and basically makes for a very happy dog.


If your holidaying with small children quite often sleeping in a new bedroom and new bed can be unsettling. Having their trusty pet there with them can help them quickly settle into a new environment and make bed time a breeze. Their pet brings a sense of normality and comfort with them making everyone’s holiday a lot less stressful and much more relaxing.



It’s great to be able to include pets in our family fun. Although a little extra planning is needed, taking your pet with you on holidays is a rewarding experience for you and your pet. By choosing pet friendly accommodation, taking the dogs favourite toy, familiar bedding and paying attention to details for your dog’s health and safety while on the move, your holiday can be fun and stress free for everyone.

These are just a few ideas based on what some pets have told me . There are so many wonderful reasons to take them with you when you’re taking a well-earned break from the 9-5 routine. Remember, they enrich our lives just as much as we enrich theirs.

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