A Little Sponge of Magic in Every Clean

Magic Sponge

magic sponge

I read recently that running a holiday rental business means that you are really running a cleaning business! Because the success of a holiday rental home will rise and fall with the brilliance of the cleaning. My brilliant cleaning team sometimes share their trade secrets with us mere mortals. Oh happy day when a cleaning nugget of gold falls into my lap!

When that nugget of gold not only delivers a stunning outcome, but in around 25% of the time of traditional methods, with very little effort and at a super cheap price, my heart starts to race!

What’s a Magic Eraser?

Last week a few of the PetLet cleaning team shared their nuggets about magic erasers. You haven’t heard of them? Neither had I until about 2 years ago and I thought they were just for removing marks off walls (which they do incredibly well – again with 25% of the time and effort and an excellent result unless the paint has been chipped). In holiday houses we get lots of marks on walls, especially down hallways with people bringing suitcases in and out of the house. We keep a constant supply in our storage unit for solely that purpose. Or so I thought! Apparently, marks on walls is one of a myriad of different uses for magic erasers.

If you have never seen one before, they are light as a feather and have the texture of a dense sponge. They don’t look like they could clean anything other than perhaps a bit of dust. Looks can be deceiving! The trick to unleashing their cleaning mojo is a little bit of water. Not too much – they should be slightly damp rather than wet. But get that right, and the key to the magic cleaning kingdom can be yours.

A Few Common Uses for Magic Erasers

The range of uses for magic erasers is almost endless. Here’s some of the ways our cleaners put them to use at PetLet holiday houses:

  • wall and floor tiles
  • grout in kitchens and bathrooms (particularly white grout)
  • oven doors
  • stove tops
  • fridges
  • leather sofas
  • shower screens
  • mirrors
  • cupboard doors
  • skirting boards
  • doors
  • kitchen bench tops
  • sinks
  • vanity basins
  • brown stains inside coffee mugs
  • baked on stains on glass and ceramic cookware (like lasagne dishes)
  • ..and many more.

In my house today we have used magic erasers on the shower screen, the grout and the oven and stove. It was a big cleaning day! I also decided to give them a whirl on something that has been annoying me on the PetLet ute. Yep – the car! There is an aluminium running board along the side of the car that has had a brownish stain at its rear (the bit where it joins to the car) since I bought the car a year. The car has been washed many times at home and at a car wash with those big scrubbing brushes (Ok – “many” is a slight exaggeration – it’s been washed about four times) and the brownish stain has remained. Today I got the bright idea to let rip with a box of magic erasers.

Using Magic Erasers to Clean a Car – Running Boards & Wheel Hubs

A tiny stroke of genius! The brown stain literally wiped off instantly. It didn’t need to be scrubbed. This was not an exercise in elbow grease. It was a very easy and incredibly rewarding process of wiping the aluminium and then washing off the brown/black gunk afterwards. This 5 minute process returned the running boards to as new condition and I used one and a third of an eraser (Pro Tip:  cut the erasers into thirds with a pair of scissors to make them last longer).

Magic Sponge - magic eraser on a car

Running board on the side of a car – before and after a clean with a magic eraser.

Buoyed by that success, I then decided to attack the wheel hubs. These were coated with black road grime that had managed to survive all four previous attempts at a bloody good clean! In 2 minutes, each wheel hub was pristine. I grabbed every member of my household that i could find to show off this triumph. Unfortunately, they were not quite as mesmerised as i was. One was slightly bemused and the other expressed nothing but disdain. My exhilaration could not be dampened. Magic erasers are my new best friend!

Magic Sponge

Car wheel hub before cleaning with magic eraser.  Yuck!

Magic Sponge

Wheel hub after being cleaned with a magic eraser.  Not bad for 2 mins work!

Where to Buy Magic Erasers

You can purchase magic erasers at most supermarkets (in the cleaning section). Chux makes a common one. But the most affordable way to buy them is on Ebay (which is our go to supplier). A two pack of Chux Magic Erasers at Woolworths is about $5.50. These have a lining on one side which makes them last a bit longer, but they work out to approx 1.75 per sponge.

At eBay on the other hand, we buy them in lots of 100 sponges (in boxes of 4) for around $10 – and that is delivered! or you can wait a bit longer and have them delivered from Hong Kong for about $6.80. Wait. What? 100 sponges for $10 is 10c a sponge! Cleaning the car running boards and the 4 wheel hubs took about 2 sponges and so it cost 20c!. Insanely effective. Incredibly quick and easy. Ridiculously cheap.

Magic Sponge Four magic erasers to a box.

Four pieces of magic eraser goodness in every box.

How to Search for Them on eBay

To find them on eBay.com.au, do a search for “magic sponge 100” (it seems to get more results than magic eraser.

Once they arrive, start experimenting. Let us know what incredibly brilliant ways you use magic erasers at your home. You can post in the comments below.  We are waiting with bated breath! Really.

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