A Day at the Causeway – Victor Harbor


The Causeway runs between Victor Harbor and Granite Island and provides easy access to South Australia’s most popular island. The Causeway is around 630m in length and is an easy walk for most people. You will see people of all ages, young and old, mothers with prams, even people in gophers and wheelchairs venturing across the bridge. However, if you after a bit more of an adventure, you can ride across the bridge in the historic horse drawn tram https://petlet.net.au/the-historic-trio/  between 11am and 4pm daily.  This will give you the unique experience of the transportation of yesteryear. The Causeway passes over relatively calm and shallow water which is home to many different types of fish and squid and, if you’re lucky, you may spot a seal or two!



At the beginning of the Causeway, during school holidays, Victor Harbor holds a fun fair, with show rides, sideshow games, camel and pony rides along the beach and a variety of yummy food for sale.  If you’re visiting during the school term and the fun fair is not on, you can head across to the other side of the Causeway entrance, where you will find a very popular 18 hole mini golf course. The Dunes mini golf course is among the best 18 Hole Mini Golf Courses in Australia and is situated right next to the Causeway Kiosk. It is a pleasant little course with a marine theme running throughout, immaculately maintained and well protected from the elements. It is perfect for a fun family friendly activity to suit most ages.



Photo Courtesy:Paul_n_Cris/ tripadvisor.com.au

After a game or two of mini golf and burning up some competitive energy, you may feel like a bite to eat and a cold drink. Located right next to the Horse Drawn Tram area and right next door to the mini golf is the Causeway Kiosk. While ‘kiosk’ congers up images of icecreams, and buckets of chips, it also offers a wide range of meals and drinks. There is even a souvenir shop where you can pick up a knick knack to remind you of your holiday at Victor Harbor. The Causeway Kiosk is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy some lunch whilst waiting for the next Tram across to Granite Island.



Photo Courtesy:Paul_n_Cris/ tripadvisor.com.au


Halfway along the Causeway is a small ramp leading down to the water’s edge where a number of small cruise boats, including Big Duck Tours launch from.  Big Duck offers a few different tours to the public including The Sea Island tour and the Wildlife and Whale Discovery Tour. They also offer private charter tours for groups and clubs. View seals, sea lions, dolphins, whales, beautiful islands and stunning coastline aboard the Big Duck.


After arriving on Granite Island you may want to sit for a while, catch your breath and take in the beautiful view.


Thousands of  people visit Granite Island each year, making it the most visited park in South Australia and it is also the much loved home of ‘Fairy’ or ‘Little’ Penguin. In 2002, there were 1500 of them living amongst the incredible rock formations but the population began declining rapidly. The good news is that the latest figures show that 17 penguins are nesting and pairing-up as this year’s second breeding season begins, so it is important that human disturbances are kept to an absolute minimum.


Things have definitely changed the Island in recent years but change is sometimes a good thing.


Photo credit: environment.sa.gov.au

One change for the better is that the Kaiki  Walking Trail that orbits the entire island is in its best shape ever! The  surface of the trail is even and very well maintained for walkers and explorers alike. Kaiki means “reed spear” in the language of the Ngarrindjeri nation, and their Dreaming tells of legendary warrior Ngurunderi throwing his spear and creating the island. The walk is around 1.5km, takes around 40 minutes and is free. You will take in some magnificent views and, through Interpretive signage, can get an insight into to the history and significance of the island to the Aboriginal people, and its use since it was spotted by Flinders and Baudin in 1802. Not to mention the fresh air and exercise.


Photo Courtesy: Friends of Granite Island

Access to the Island closes just around dusk each evening in order to allow the fairy penguins to return to their nests unhindered. Otherwise the Island is available for exploring the rest of the time.


Who knew there is so  much to do just around the Causeway in Victor Harbor?



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