What SUP? Stand Up Paddleboarding

StandUp Paddleboarding

What is SUP?

Stand up Paddleboarding or SUP as it is commonly known, looks exactly as it sounds: you stand on a large surfboard and propel yourself forward with a paddle. However, unlike traditional surfing, you don’t have to wait for the waves. In fact, SUP, which is wildly popular, can be done on the ocean or on lakes, rivers, pools or any sufficiently large body of water.

As its popularity grows, so does the imagination of the paddleboarders. The different activities you can do on a paddleboard is growing fast; from yoga to fishing to white water SUPing and even bringing adog along for the ride!

SUPing is easy to learn, fun to do and suits all ages and most abilities, so if you are wanting to try something a bit different and lots of fun on your next pet friendly holiday with us, give Stand Up Paddleboarding a whirl!

StandUp Paddleboarding

The Adelaide Thunderbirds giving SUP a try at Encounter Lakes last year.

A Glimpse of History

Humans have been standing up while paddling small watercraft for centuries. Some even believe the Peruvians were standing up and paddling their bundled reed watercrafts far back as 3000 B.C.Hawaiians have been using SUPs continuously, with Captain Cook observing the sport in 1788. In 1886, a photo was taken of a man SUPing in the marshes of East Anglia in the UK. The new wave of SUPers (see what we did there?) can be traced to one guy who brought a SUP back to California from Hawaii in 2004.
It was once an ancient method of transportation but today it’s much more than a way to get from point A to point B – it’s a trendy way for people across the world to spend time on the water with a very short learning curve.

StandUp Paddleboarding

Indian Canoe Race by WILLIAM de la MONTAGNE CARY (1840-1922)

SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga is the latest challenge being taken on by fitness enthusiasts, yogi’s and paddleboarders alike. It is exceptionally good for your core, improves balance, concentration and strength. Not only is it good for your body, it’s good for your soul! With the gentle movement of the water and sunrise over Encounter Lakes, you can’t help but relax.

When you combine yoga practice with the natural elements of sun, water and fresh air, you get all the added benefits nature provides. Due to the unstable platform, it enables advanced core strength, increasing the challenge of the traditional yoga moves. And…. It’s just FUN! So, after you have gained some confidence on the board, maybe you’d like to try your hand at some SUP yoga?

Here’s a SUP yoga video to introduce you to the basics:

StandUp Paddleboarding

Photo: Joe Raedle Via Getty Images

SUP with Your Pup

Another craze sweeping the world is stand up paddling with your pet. Dogs in particular are known to absolutely love the whole experience but there are no shortage of cats who seem happy to go for a paddle either! So, what’s better than SUPing on a hot summers day? SUPing with your pup of course! If your dog loves doing things with you (which most do!) then you are half way there. The size of your dog doesn’t matter, providing he/she is a willing participant and you keep it fun. Some dogs seem to be born to SUP, hopping on the board without any coaxing and they balance like pros, but some need a little training. What a way to spend the day on your Pet Let holiday!

For a 5-step guide to SUP’ing with your pup, visit:

SUPing Safely

Remember to always wear a life jacket! If you are going to be paddling in water that has rocks or other hazards in it, wear booties (those wet suit material shoes which will protect your feet if you fall off). Start off in calm and clear water. This makes it much simpler to keep your balance, and if you fall off, its easy to jump back on.

A perfect spot for this is the public beach at Encounter Lake. There are two beaches – one on the corner of Bartel Boulevard and Matthew Flinders Drive, and the other (and my personal favorite) is on the corner of Tabernacle and Nicholas Boudain. I love this beach because its surrounded by a park with play equipment and toilets, its beautiful, private from the road, and there is a carpark right on the edge of the sand. It is so easy to park, pick up your SUP, drop it on the sand, then walk a few meters to the edge of the lake. The water is calm most of the time and there are very few hazards in the water (such as rocks). It really is a beautiful spot! The lake itself is 2km long, so from one end to the other is a 4km trip. That makes for very good exercise!

StandUp Paddleboarding


Or… you could try both!


Encounter Lakes on Your Doorstep

If you would like to spend a few days SUPing in a safe, calm environment, with the lake literally at your back gate, we have three beautiful homes with either a jetty, pontoon or a private beach on Encounter Lake. We also have another 5 homes within 5 mins drive (in two cases, less than 60 seconds drive) to Encounter Lakes. And the lake is just a few hundred meters from the ocean. So you can start off in the protected environment of the lake, then head to the beach at Encounter Bay. Its pretty calm most of the time, but it is mainly reef, so you definitely want to wear booties. The big advantage of the reef is that it’s home to many species of fish and other sea creatures and it is spectacularly beautiful to be watching the marine life whilst paddling gently over the top.

Here are our pet friendly properties on the lake:^5242B86B0791B16EA6000B7F3398D273AB33D55B03D24757E7^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

33 Clipper Court Encounter Bay
72 Lakeside Circuit Encounter Bay
46 Islander Drive Encounter Lakes

Perhaps you’d like to take a lesson or hire a board. Here are some locals who can help you out:

SUP lessons Encounter Bay (Encounter Water Sports): Phone 0414 521 475 or visit

SUP and equipment hire Middleton (Sun & Surf): Phone 1800 786 386 or visit

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