The Two Best Wineries Near Victor Harbor

Best Victor Harbor Wineries


Here on the Fleurieu Peninsula we have always been very fortunate to be able to enjoy some of the best beaches. produce and wine not only in Australia but the world, right here on our doorstep.

Now stretching to down south, the Southern Fleurieu is also emerging as a wine region, with maritime influenced wines where the cool sea breezes benefit the vineyards to produce premium drops.

Here at Pet Let holiday homes, we often get asked by our guests where to find the local wineries close to Victor Harbor and which ones would we recommend? So we have put together a short list of the 2 local favourites!

The best wineries are much more than just wonderful wine. The charm of the venue and the character of the people make a winery worth visiting.


Best Victor Harbor Wineries

Number 58 Cellar Door and Gallery, situated on the outskirts of Port Elliot is a wonderful place to get a taste of the region. Owned by Anna and Campbell Haig, this beautifully decorated combination of cellar door, café and gallery showcases local creative talent and delicious flavours of the area.

Wines, cheese, crusty breads, chutneys, olives, and homemade dips. Yum!

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than to sit by the roaring fire of this unique cellar door with a glass of 2013 Thunderbird Southern Fleurieu Shiraz and a tasting plate for 2.

This unique cellar door provides the opportunity to sample the wines of one of the Fleurieu’s best wine producers, Thunderbird, while being surrounded by beautiful art works by both local and international artists.

Address: 58 Waterport Rd, Port Elliot South Australia

Opening hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday – 10am to 4pm
Lunch and regional platters available all day

Phone: 08 8554 3149



Best Victor Harbor Wineries

Mount Jagged wines was first established and planted in 1989 on the site of an old dairy, with an old milk shed converted into the cellar door.

Nowadays, Mount Jagged Wines is owned and operated by Tod and Suzanne Warmer who are dedicated to providing a hands on approach. They are always willing to help you understand the different wines or provide insight into the vineyard life or even just have a friendly chat while you taste some delicious wines.

The cellar door oozes character and with a roaring log fire to sit by in this cooler weather, the atmosphere is unbelievably relaxing. Warm hearty soup, crusty bread and local produce platters just add to the experience. Sip on a glass of 2014 sparkling chardonnay or perhaps a 2013 Knobby Club Cabernet Sauvignon while enjoying the tastes of the region and immerse yourself in the magnificent views of the Coorong, Southern Ocean, lakes and beyond.

This rustic and quirky place is also home to ‘Buster’ the cellar dog and there is nothing he likes more than to have some fellow fur kids to play with, so dogs are welcomed here too! They haven’t forgotten the human kids either and, true to the theme of the place, it has a number of vintage toys available for the kids to enjoy.

Address: 3191 Victor Harbor Road Mount Jagged, South Australia

Opening hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday 10am – 5pm (including public holidays)

Soup and regional produce platters available all day

Phone: 08 8554 9520


How to Get There

Both of the wineries are easy to find. One is located on the main Adelaide to Victor Harbor Road, and the other is on Waterport Rd which comes off the Adelaide to Victor Harbor Road. It is only about a 12 minute drive between both.



#1 – Look at the wine in the glass. Take note of its colour – eventually you will begin to recognized colours and anticipate the flavour of the wine you are about to enjoy.

#2 – Bring the glass to your nose and inhale. Smell the wine and try to pick up on the overall dominant scent. Fruits are the easiest scents to pick out but once you get used to it, you might be able to pick up spices, woods, flowers and many other scents that make up the complex scents of wine.

#3 – Swirl the wine around in the glass and smell it again. Exposing it to air often brings out other scents that weren’t detectable before.

#4 – Slurp the wine into your mouth with some air and draw it up over your tongue. Does it taste like the fruits or flowers you smelled? Is it smooth? Does it make your mouth water or draw all the moisture out? Hold it in your mouth for a moment and savour it.

#5 – Now this is where the spitting part came in. You can do that if you are intent on sampling many wines without their after effects but for me the most important part of the tasting was drinking it down. Between samples you can sip on water or eat some bread to remove the taste of one wine before moving on to the next. It’s important to make sure you are tasting each wine on its own and not in conjunction with the one previous.

That’s it! 5 tips which take the mystery out of wine tasting and allow you to enjoy your experience! See, it’s really not that hard – or as pretentious as it might appear. Anyone can learn to taste wine and pick out flavours, scents and wines they love.

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