Victor Harbor Dog Park


Victor Harbor Dog Park

Australia has one of the highest rates of Dog ownership in the world with 36% of households owning a dog, but as backyards have become smaller and leash laws enforced in many areas, it has become more difficult to exercise dogs safely off the leash while keeping them under effective control.

It is a known fact that dogs that are well socialised and exercised are likely to be healthier, happier and less aggressive. Designated off-leash dog areas (dog parks) provide a safe community setting where dogs can play with each other and owners can mingle.The perfect solution! However up until now the only dog park our Pet Let guests have been able to enjoy is the Port Elliot Dog Park. Port Elliot has a wonderful dog park but we are thrilled to announce that Victor Harbor has now opened the gates to the new Victor Harbor dog park!


The Victor Harbor Dog Park which is NOW complete is located on Council land situated on the corner of George Main Road and Oval Park Road, Victor Harbor (virtually on the boundary with Encounter Bay – which is where 6 of our pet friendly holiday houses are located). It is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it’s a great space dogs andfor like-minded people to meet and socialize while exercising their dogs. Irrespective of whether you have a dog or not, everyone will be welcome.

The park has been constructed in four stages at a cost of $240,000. It consists of a fully fenced area and has car parking available adjacent the dog park in the Recreation Centre. It is set on 8350 square metres and has been divided into a large and smaller dog exercise areas incorporating an open space exercise/training area (3120 square metres) and a ‘small dog’enclosure of 1230 square metres, so you can choose to exercise your dog in either the large area or the small area, whichever you feel more comfortable in with your dog.

The site of the new Victor Harbor dog park.

The site of the new Victor Harbor dog park.

The park also has an area for agility equipment and fixtures, a grassed mound, multiple access points, drinking water at 2 water stations (rain water), doggy waste bags and deposit stations, and sheltered areas with seating and signage. Council has also installed snake deterrent netting that encloses the park, which is the first time it has been used for a dog park.

The Victor Harbor dog park was supposed to be open by Christmas 2016, according to the Victor Harbor Council but due to a wetter than average winter and spring (which caused major delays with the installation of furniture and other infrastructure) the project was postponed.

Victor Harbor Dog Park

It is confirmed, the finishing touches including seeding grass has been completedand we are excited to announce, the $240,000 dog park is open for your fur kids to enjoy!


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